Raen Argus

A man with a drive for adventure

Character Info
  • Levels: Fighter 6
  • Race: Human
Alignment Diety Age Gender Height Weight
NG Tymora 23 Male 5’ 10” 186 lbs
Eyes Hair Skin
Green Auburn Tanned


Ability Name Ability Score Ability Modifier
Strength 16 +3
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 12 +1
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 8 -1


Saving Throw Total Base Save Ability Modifier Misc Modifier
Fortitude 6 5 1 -
Reflex 5 2 3 -
Will 1 2 -1 -

Miscellaneous Info

HP Speed Base Attack
48 30 ft 6
Total Dex Modifier Misc Modifier
3 +3 -
Total Base Attack Bonus Strength Modifier Size Modifier Misc Modifier
9 6 3 - -
Armor Class
Total Base Armor Bonus Shield Bonus Dex Modifier Size Modifier Natural Armor Deflection Modifier Misc Modifier
17 10 4 - 3 - - - 1
Touch Armor Class Flat Footed Armor Class
13 14


Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
+1 Long Sword +11 1d8+1 19-20/x2
Range Type
5ft Slashing
Notes -2 attack bonus while Duel Wielding
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
MW Battle Axe +10 1d8+1 x3
Range Type
5ft Slashing
Notes -2 attack bonus while Duel Wielding
Attack Attack Bonus Damage Critical
Unknown Bastard Sword +10 1d10+3 19-20/x2
Range Type
5ft Slashing
Notes -2 attack bonus while Duel Wielding – Unknown magical properties


Armor/Protective Item Type AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus
+1 Chain Shirt Light 4 +4
Check Penalty Spell Failure Speed Weight Special Properties
-1 20% 30 ft 25 lbs +1 Enhancement to AC


Skill Name Skill Modifier Ability Modifier Ranks Misc Modifier
Appraise 1 1 - -
Balance 2 3 - -1
Bluff -1 -1 - -
Climb 12 3 10 -1
Diplomacy -1 -1 - -
Disguise -1 -1 - -
Forgery 1 1 - -
Gather Information -1 -1 - -
Handle Animal -1 -1 - -
Hide 2 3 - -1
Intimidate 6 -1 7 -
Jump 12 3 10 -1
Listen -1 -1 - -
Move Silently 2 3 - -1
Ride 7 3 4 -
Search 1 1 - -
Sense Motive -1 -1 - -
Spot -1 -1 - -
Survival -1 -1 - -
Swim 2 3 - -1
Tumble 7 3 5 -1
Use Rope 3 3 - -


  • Dodge
  • Mobility
  • Two Weapon Fighting
  • Oversized Two weapon Fighting
  • Weapon Focus: Longsword
  • Spring Attack
  • Improved Two Weapon Fighting
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword


Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Current Load
76 lbs 153 lbs 230 lbs 40 lbs
Monster Number of Kills
Skeleton 2
Grey Shambly Thing 1
Strange Agent (humanoid) 1
Spider 4
Trophies Number
Blue Dragon Horn 1
Ankheg Mandible 2
Spider Mandible 8

Raen’s past is one filled with long nights, some picked locks, and even a couple of broken windows. As a kid he was always able to outwit and out maneuver the large bullies of his village. He would spend his time as a kid stealing borrowing stuff from the villagers for traps he would set up to get back at the bullies. Raen’s early years would slide by with constant scuffles hardly changing. After twenty years, Raen found this rather boring and decided that he should go to the next town over to play.

After a two day journey through the wilderness he crested a hill and saw the town. There was a roaming band of goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins. Raen bolted for the town as fast as his legs could carry him. In his charge, Raen unsheathed his weapons of choice, a long sword given to him by his father and the axe he uses to collect firewood. He pounced on the first goblinoid form he saw. Raen Plunged his sword into the side of an orc who was dragging of a sack of looted goods out of a building. He slashed at the orcs throat with his axe to silence it before reinforcements could be summoned. Another orc came out of the building wielding a greatsword in a rather unwieldy fashion. Raen dodge the first strike and parried of the second one as he ducked low to slash upwards into the orc’s throat and face.

Raen proceeded to set a trap for some of the dumber foes he would face. He dragged the orc corpses to an ally and left the exposed. Searching the ally for anything he could use, Raen found a rope and a crate full of linens. All Raen had to do was set a tripwire to drop the crate when triggered. After setting up his trap Raen went in search of a pack of goblins. As son as he spotted one he tossed a rock at one and bolted for his trap. Raen made it back to the ally and climbed to the roof of one of the builders. The goblins foolishly followed Raen into the alley and were promptly knocked on their feet. One of the goblins was even impaled by a large splinter that broke off from the crate. Raen jumped from his perch onto the prone goblins, aiming for the necks for a quick kill.

One of the goblins had lagged far enough behind the pack to witness this event and give out a warning call from its horn before it met with an axe to the face. This call was the signal for Raen to take cover. He scampered back up to the roof and ran from rooftop to rooftop searching for the hobgoblin in charge of the attack. On his rooftop journey Raen spotted a couple of villagers hiding in a rooftop shed. He motioned them to stay still and wait for his OK. Luckily none of the attackers had noticed his escape to the roofs leaving the villagers relatively safe.

Raen spotted a large Hobgoblin ordering the goblinoid troops towards the trap that was sprung. Raen waited on the roofs till the hobgoblin was alone. Raen estimated that he would have to dispatch the hairy beast quickly before the troops get back from the trap. He lunged from his vantage point plunging his sword and axe into the back of the hobgoblin. His blows were met with a resistance none of the other enemies he had killed had. The hobgoblin spun around swinging his giant axe at neck level. Raen dropped under the slash and went for the hobgoblins joints. His cascade of slashing steel was aimed at the knees of the maned beast and brought it to the ground. Raen followed this assault with a dual swipe at the back of the hobgoblins neck. It gave a guttural scream as Nico’s weapons cut through exposed neck. Nico decided to search the body of the hobgoblin to see why it had resisted the first strike. He found a finely made chain shirt that Raen assumed was of dwarven make. Hobgoblins were notorious in their hatred of the elves.

The scouts that were sent to Raen’s trap came back in shock that their leader had been slain. Raen thought fast and gave out a menacing roar to try and intimidate the remaining goblins to flee. The goblins fled immediately but the remaining three orcs held their ground and charged towards Raen. Raen threw his axe into the face of the nearest orc dropping it immediately. He charged forward, grabbing his axe from the fallen orc, and impaled the next orc with his sword followed by an axe swing to the neck. The final orc slammed his shield into Raen’s side knocking him to the ground. Raen took the hit and tumbled away. The orc gave out a bellowing roar and charged at Raen. Raen tried to sidestep the charge but caught the orc’s blade in his leg. He winced as the orc pulled out the sword and pulled back for a second attack. Raen took this chance to shove his sword through the jaw of the orc killing it instantly.

Raen limped back to the corpse of the hobgoblin to take the dwarf made chain shirt. It obviously did not belong on a goblinoid. He grimaced as he made his way to the building that had the shed on it. He made his way to the roof and told the inhabitants that it should be safe. The village head was one of the people taking shelter in the shed. He thanked Nico profusely and offered a reward. Raen said it wouldn’t be necessary but the village head insisted and gave Raen a small pouch of gold. He stayed in the village for a week to heal before making his way back home. On his return home his father noticed that Raen had seen some heavy action. His father knew this look and what it would entail. He told him to go find his adventure.

Raen’s father sent him off to an old friend in Metsun Ranch. He was told to find a man telling outragous stories at the Lightning and Sunder and was instructed to ask for training. with a piece of advice: Travel in numbers while on the road. There are many dangers between our small town and Metsun Ranch.

Raen made his way to Metsun Ranch and sought out The man described by his father. He spent three years under the tutelage of one Het Metsun learning the arts of combat. Raen was sent to wander Breslon for a year to gain actual experience on the field of combat. He decided the best way to accomplish this was to hire himself out as a bodyguard for the caravans that wander the arid wastes.

Raen Argus

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