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The Party
  • Daeron the Silver – A paladin of Bahamut with sorcerer blood. He often takes the lead.
  • Illilian Dragonsblood – A halfling sorceress with large breasts and a beloved pet coydog.
  • Raen Argus – A stout warrior who wields axe and sword. Surprisingly unobservant.
  • Eradel Moonbeam – An elven sorcerer from Crealas.
  • Jack Arapaho – A bard and skilled mountaineer.
also with:
  • Mhesha Chisterfeld – Uses a bow, lost her sister. The party is accompanying her to try to put a stop to the Witch Hester-child’s reign of terror.
Former Party Members
  • Kal Wildhill – A cheerful halfling illusionist who tragically fell to his death.
  • Sten Broland – A rogue with a troubled past. He fell victim of an evil curse, tried to betray the party, and fled into the night.

Behind The Darkness

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